Join the FREE HOF "Get Fit" 30-Day Challenge

Kick off the New Year and stay consistent with this 30-Day challenge designed by Heroes of Fitness to get you results.

How the #hof30challenge works:

  • 5 Minutes. 5 Exercises. Every Day for 30 Days. PLUS an additional bonus included of 5 day Finisher Workouts.
  • Weekly Workout Program PDF + 30-Day Calendar. There are Strength Workouts, Cardio Workouts, and Stretching Workouts mixed throughout each week. This will give you the best foundation for your results whether you're a beginner or more experienced on your journey. 
  • Pre-programmed interval timers for each workout so all to have to do is follow-along. You can also follow along with us live on Twitch!
  • Consistency Leads To Results! The challenge is about doing something every day, for 30 days, to build the habit of moving.
  • You'll get check-in emails from us each week to help you stay consistent, on track, and we'll be sharing our tips for success.
  • Optional Nutriton 30-Day challenge to accelerate your results.
  • Hold yourself accountable by sharing your journey using #hof30challenge on twitter & instagram and on our Discord server.